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Many have heard the adage, “You will know a tree by the fruit it bears.” The same phrase can be applied to a variety of things in life. This book is aimed at using the same wisdom to frame your business. 


In its inception your business starts from a seed. Like all seeds, in the right environment and with proper nutrients, development is inevitable. Your job is to position and prepare your seed for optimal growth. It is one thing to have a growing business; but it is another to have a business that functions properly and profitably.


My goal is to help you identify some of the good and bad practices that could boost or stunt your business growth. This step-by-step manual will help you to understand each component of growing your business and being accountable for the tactics to put in place.


This book will teach you how to set up your business from the start, as a mini corporation from proper documentation, setting goals, creating a budget and good banking habits. You will also be shown how to understand your “magic number”, eye-catching marketing, becoming your own HR department and much more!

Growing Your Tree

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