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Have you ever had a vision that was so big it terrified you? A dream so large that you were afraid to tell anyone? What do you do when you feel your past decisions or situations can hinder the level of prosperity your heart desires?


God has instilled gifts and talents into each one of us when he created us. God already knew the mistakes you would make and even the answers to questions you were not in position to receive. God still loves and wants to give his children the best even, when we feel like we are not worthy of the favor from God.


This is a story about a teenage mom that evolved into an entrepreneur, prospering from a moment of survival to now a life of triumph. She set out to prove to others that she was going to make it despite her shortcomings and even her own moments of challenge and despair. She soon found out that the “stepping stones” she was taking to merely support her daughter and herself, would evolve into her building her own enterprise and thriving business. Despite her many trials and tribulations, she passionately stepped into the purpose God had been grooming her for her entire life.


A native of Augusta, GA, Melanie shows how equipped with only a high school education and a license in cosmetology, she became the owner of her first business called Unique Vision Salon at the age of 23. To owning at the age of 31, a 7500 sq. ft. building, a facility that is a small business incubator to help guide up-and-coming entrepreneurs and business owners called The Stepping Stone.


This book shows how even though she did not fit the criteria many in the world would consider the perfect candidate for success through education and life experiences, God had other plans for her. This is a favored entrepreneur who has now been positioned by God to fill in the gap for individuals who can identify with her past situations, to know that they can still create wealth and be prosperous in life.


This is a must read for anyone who has a relentless passion to pursue your dreams through the power of God and self-determination.

Stepping Into Unique Vision

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